Carey & Jeremie

August 30, 2014 was a day that forever changed many lives. Carey Downs (age 39) and Jeremie Floyd (age 40) had been enjoying their usual day of life consisting of working Friday, August 29th. After work these two best friends wanted to start off their last holiday event for the season with a night of bass fishing and cooking out with some of their great friends. They were having a night just like so many they have had over and over a thousand times, when they left to head in to put away the bass boat, they hit a barge that had drifted into the channel with no lights on it. Both lost their lives instantly at 12:11 am on the morning of the 30th. The next ten hours were spent with all of their loved ones, family and friends gathered on a boat ramp in MS waiting for divers to tell them they had found their bodies.

Carey was single at the time but left behind two children, Daisy (13) and Hudson (9) along with his parents Janet & John Hannon and Terry & Rhonda Downs. Carey worked at Pier 57 Boat Sales in Pickwick TN, where he had been employed since 2008. He was well known in the Powerboat Industry by his association of Pier 57, Cigarette and MTI. He was as many would put it, the friendly face and phone call you received right before events asking if he could do anything to help make yours better.

Jeremie was married to Marsha who has worked for David Woods of PIer 57 for over 20 years and left behind her and their two children Seth (15) and Cameron (13) along with his parents Donnie and Kit Floyd, and Bitsey Nash.   Jeremie managed Big Boys Pawn Shop in Corinth, MS. He was known to the entire community as someone who was always giving of himself and helping out anyone in need.

Their story is like one that most of you have heard. They were best of friends and did everything together. They lived each and every day to its fullest and never had any regrets. That day was just like any other day for them. It was a day of smiling, loving and just enjoying life. Neither knew it would be their last. And honestly if either had of known there would have been nothing they would have changed except to have more time with all their kids, families and friends. Most people can’t say they have no regrets in life but those two could. Thousands of people came out the weekend of Labor Day, not to celebrate the holiday, but to honor the memory of these two awesome men. The lives of their children will forever be changed.

This site has been set up for anyone who chooses to show honor and respect for these two great men by either leaving a message for their kids to enjoy the many stories or with donations for these children’s futures.